Our Approach

Our Surgical Strike Methodology™ empowers us to meet targeted client needs with smaller teams of experts that do more with less. We achieve success through close collaboration with your staff, which encourages buy-in, cultivates ownership, and ensures lasting results.

  • Surgical Strike

    Laser-focused on specific, measurable, attainable results

  • Team Expertise

    Senior professionals who deliver world-class results

  • Reliable Results

    Lower investment point ensures client ROI of 3:1 to 9:1

  • Implementation-Focused

    Direct collaboration with client staff at the point of execution

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Tool, skill, and knowledge transfer for results sustainability and continuous improvement

  • Efficient Execution

    Results in weeks instead of months

Flexible Engagements

The Kormac Group meets clients at their point of need with a fully customized engagement approach, project scope, and elite team. We have no minimum or maximum engagement size, so we can efficiently address any client requirement.

We can serve as:

Leaders and drivers of the change initiative

Member of the change team or workstream leader within a client project

Advisors/subject matter experts within a client team

Interim leadership or resources to extend internal capabilities

Our engagement methodology is flexible to meet your needs. Whether you require full operational implementation or just analysis, we’re here to help. Only our commitment to achieving results is firm.

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