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We Are
The Kormac Group

An implementation-focused, results-driven consulting firm

Our name is derived from an old English word meaning “strength and wisdom.” Those virtues catalyzed the birth of The Kormac Group, when a group of colleagues noticed that consulting firms often prioritize their own business needs over their clients’. Inverting that myopic approach, The Kormac Group’s philosophy is: “Take care of our client partners, and our business will take care of itself.”

The Kormac Group’s roots date back to 2005, but our successful predecessor firm was acquired by a major consultancy. Resurrected in 2014, The Kormac Group’s continued commitment to “Client Needs First” formed the basis of our new firm and our uncommon value proposition.

Results Driven

We help clients achieve real improvements in profitability and shareholder value. Our primary service areas are:


Patient access and hospital flow were improved, increasing operating room capacity to generate an additional $35 million in contribution. I don’t think anyone else could have done it.

Department Chair, Academic Hospital

The Kormac Group helped us create sustainable change to not only improve OEE, but to set the stage for continuous improvement efforts.

Division President, Automotive Supplier

The Kormac Group helped increase and diversify sales at one of our plants, enabling us to sell the plant at 30% above our original asking price.

Owner, Chemical Company

This team helped us take our lead-times from 4 years to 9 months!

President, Aerospace & Defense Company

Stan and his team helped develop a plan of attack and executed it to our fullest expectations.

Chairman, Food Service Company

Project Examples

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