From the shop floor to the back office, Kormac takes a collaborative approach to Kaizen that brings people together. Ordinary tools: Go to Gemba, Spaghetti charts, Yamazumi charts, Visual factory, cellular design/layout, customer demand/takt time, value stream mapping, undesirable observations (UDOs), waste elimination (8 wastes), activity of the product, load sheet calculations, review constraints, manpower requirements, line balancing, standard work, system alignment, visual controls. Extraordinary Results: Improving productivity, communication, uptime, capacity, and yield. Reducing cycle time, footprint, resource requirements, process steps & rework, Work in Process (WIP), foreign object debris, storage time, inspection time, and transportation time. Proven tools employed with care yield lasting culture and performance improvements.
The Kormac Group: Product Portfolio Analysis Product Potential, Strategy & Investment Within a portfolio, each product's performance changes over time, as does their role. For example, mature "Cash Cows" are critical for funding future successes, so we help clients extract maximum profits to support growth products and prospects: - Maintain and "milk;" maximize efficiency and profits for investment elsewhere - Streamline R&D and engineering; leverage existing capabilities to minimize investment - Prioritize customer delight/retention and market share through world-class execution - Reinvest proceeds and top talent in diverse products with significant growth potential
Inventory Intelligence Inventory Reduction: Actionable Insights For a global manufacturer, Kormac delivered SKU-level and group-level inventory management insights, revealing opportunities to: - Improve inventory turns and balances - increase visibility and address non-moving inventory - Improve and sustain customer service performance Our collaboration enabled a $20 million reduction in inventory.
Distribution leadership. Opportunity knocks! Home door hardware and securitization company seeks leader for national distribution center Location: Dallas, TX Salary: $150K+
SIOP Transformation Delivering life-saving safety equipment "The Kormac Group helped us transform our SIOP process from a report out of information to a key business enabler that drives business initiatives throughout the organization with a Continuous Improvement mindset." -Global Supply Chain Director, Industrial Safety Products Manufacturer
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
State of healthcare consulting panel. February 13th at 3pm EST. The Kormac Group, Todd Snell.
Best Seller, #1 New Release. Amazon #1 in management, business ethics, and sales & selling management. Booklife reviews pick, and readers favorite 5 stars.
Kormac delivered BIG RESULTS in 2023
Happy Thanksgiving! Kormac is feeling especially grateful this Thanksgiving as we celebrate our best year yet! With 60% growth over 2022, we're pleased to share our bounty with the following non-profits dedicated to saving lives, supporting families, and fostering kindness. Feeding America American Heart Association Park Project Family House Casey's Cafe We hope your table and heart are full this holiday season!
Achieving Statistical Certainty in Design Quality
Private Equity: Challenging Debt Environment. If uncertainty has shifted your private equity value creation strategy from exit and acquisition to organic growth and productivity, Kormac is here to help. Grant Thornton's survey on the Top industries for M&A activity in the next 6 months shows that 34% goes to Technology, media, entertainment and communications. 32% goes to Banking. 32% goes to Healthcare. 31% goes to Services, and 25% goes to Real Estate/construction. It is noted that respondents were able to select up to three industries.
Compliance Group Inc and Kormac Group: MedTech Quality Collaboration.
Manufacturing TOW Seamless Consolidation & Transfer Following a series of mergers, an aerospace and defense electronics supplier turned to Kormac for assistance in consolidating several manufacturing sites. - 20% floor space reduction - 17% capital investment reduction - Readiness - robust transfer plan Our transfer of work collaboration included: Needs assessment, manufacturing process enhancement, site requirements definition, line and space optimization, end-to-end project planning, labor planning, OTIF delivery planning, financial documentation, and communications.
Rationalization Excess facilities, equipment, products, systems, or platforms? Check your baggage. It's hard to get anywhere fast when you're dragging legacy assets. Companies that grow rapidly or by acquisition eventually reach a day of reckoning when they are forced to grapple with their disparate collection of facilities, manufacturing platforms, or product lines. Kormac has decades of experience in helping organizations to reassess, redesign, and rationalize operational and product portfolios.
FORTUNE: CEO Turnover Hits 5-Year High as Companies Brace for Continued Disruption CEOs are passing the torch after guiding their companies through the worst of the pandemic
Global Packaging Machine Shop Optimization Demand for production machines quadrupled as post-pandemic conditions limited supply availability. 390% growth Improved shop floor forecasting, utilization, management tools, and communications Developed effective systems to support on-time delivery performance, transparency, and growth capacity.
The Caution Trap KPMG advises "avoid excessive caution" Uncertainty may be the new normal, but it need not be paralyzing Balancing risk and opportunity during uncertain times maximizes transformation and growth potential
Manufacturing Inventory Reduction: Achieved Elusive Inventory Management Target Implemented global best practices; achieved corporate inventory target for the first time in 7 years.
Foundry Maintenance Kormac helped an understaffed and undermanaged foundry maintenance operation to establish critical KPIs and a sustainable maintenance system. - Enhanced data collection - Reduced downtime - Managed performance trends - Improved workforce predictability - Revealed training needs
Collaborative Culture. Life's too short for toxicity. That's why we have a no-assholes policy for our client engagements as well as the experts we hire. We partner with leaders who want to deliver big results in collaboration with good people who really care. We value Character: Kindness, Integrity, Empathy, Equity, Partnership
Nearshoring to Mexico Nearshoring: ¡Vamos a México! Driven by federal incentives, geopolitical risk, and pandemic aftershocks, restoring and nearshoring continue apace. [Screenshots of various article titles about restoring and México] Kormac's senior operational experts have diverse experience designing, launching, and operating manufacturing facilities south of the border
CNBC State of Freight What the latest warehouse data is signaling about inflation and the economy Published Thu, Jan 12 2023-6:00AM EST | Updated Thu, Jan 12 2023-6:07PM EST Author: Lori Ann LaRocco
Inventory Intelligence Inventory Reduction Precision Supply chain disruptions have left many organizations holding excessive inventory. Guided by precise, item-level insights, we're helping clients align, forecast, and make strategic decisions to optimize demand and supply. Typical Results: - 10%-90% cost reduction - 20%-30% inventory reduction - 25%-60% space reduction
The New York Times Another Big Boomer Effect One generation's impact on the work force
Interim Leadership Transforming a Plant as Interim GM When an integrated contract manufacturer lost its GM, Kormac provided a skilled interim leader Client Gratitude: Farewell messages to Kormac GM from dozens of plant employees [overlayed on top of image of the letters] On site for 10 months, our interim GM dramatically improved plant performance and morale
Delivering Delight Good People Doing Good Work Leaders engage consultants for countless reasons, but how often do they actually enjoy the collaboration? Our clients say... "Kormac was a pleasure to work with" "A great value" "Highly impressed with their talent" "Executed to our fullest expectations" "Strongly recommended"
Manufacturing Facilities Optimization: Detailed Plant Scenarios and Modeling - Reduced manpoower requirements by 33%, cut warehouse overtime, and optimized off-site storage locations
Assembly Magazine. October 19, 2022 by Harry Moser Geopolitical Forces Drive Record-Breaking Reshoring
Resource Utilization Resource Whiplash: From Ferocious "Battle for Talent" to Hasty Job Cuts 80% of CEOs say they are or will consider downsizing their employee base in the next 6 months Rather than cut talent you may not be able to replace, we recommend: - Exploring all cost management levers - Implementing robust SIOP to support timely, informed course correction - Redesigning facilities, processes, and workplow to more effectively match labor with demand
Recession Resilience Fortifying for an Uncertain Future Doomsday talk is everywhere, but businesses that cultivate resilience are positioned to thrive in good times and bad [Screenshots of various news article titles about recessions and the economy] Optimized SIOP extends the horizon of forecast accuracy to minimize risk, increase agility, and improve execution in any business climate.
Automotive Aftermarket Maximizing Throughput and Flow Kormac helped a leading manufacturer of truck caps, covers, and cargo systems to achieve: - 50% throughput improvement - 32% labor content reduction - Quality: right first time enhancement "Kormac found innovative and cost-effective solutions that improved Right First Time quality, throughput, and employee morale." - Client CEO
Cost Management Rebalancing the margin tug-of-war Does your organization struggle to achieve financial goals in an increasingly volatile marketplace? [iconography of two teams playing tug of war, with the target margin in the middle. Text above the image reads "Kormac Rebalancing"] Cost Pressures: Labor, Materials, Logistics, Real estate, Technolgy Market Pressures: Pricing, service delivery, quality, lead time, social responsibility Kormac's Surgival Strike Methodology™ delivers the agility you need to meet your financial objectivers.
Healthcare Services Maximizing On-Time Delivery "Working with Kormac, you know you can expect a small, focus-driven team that will deliver results." - Vice President, Healthcare Services Company Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning Overhaul Achieved 100% on-time delivery and reduced SKU inventory by half
Screencapture of a PDF with the title "Choosing the Best Path Forward: Evaluating Options for Underperforming Organizations. To view contents, download the PDF (
Lean Liberation Lean as Resource Liberator Sample Kormac Lean project outcomes - -50-60% cycle time reduction - -50% WIP inventory reduction - -85% cost of poor quality reduction - +30+% improvement in labor efficiency - +30+% EBITDA improvement - +20+% useable floorspace expansion - Overall improvements in safety performance and employee satisfaction
Medical Device Supply Chain Complexity & Agility - Addressed $11.1MM+ overage in raw material components and $5.6MM+ overage in finished goods inventory
Comic strip from The Atlantic titled "The End of Trust; Suspicion is undermining the American economy" Comic shows 2 office workers, with one standing ready to catch the other in a trust fall. As the other begins to fall into the other, the other man walks away and lets the man fall to the floor
Supply/Demand Planning SIOP: Advanced Planning Delivers Agility and Responsiveness Risk Avoidance & Opportunity Conversion Decisions Months 0-3: Frozen or Fixed Horizon; Response is typically overtime or expecting. Variability +/- 3% Months 3-6: Capacity Adjust Horizon; Labor and supply chain alignment. Variability +/- 8% Months 6-9: Project Horizon; Professionals, complex Kaizen solutions, CAPEX. Variability +/- 12% Months 9-12: Strategic Horizon; Footprint rationalization, CAPEX, campaigns. Variability +/- 15%
Global Manufacturing Supplier Visibility and Planning - Reduced airfreight costs by 43% ($47MM) with increased component visibility
Heavy Outdoor Equipment in front of a sunset. Photo by WORKSITE Ltd. on Unsplash
Leadership Opportunity Seeking 'Gigafactory' Plant Manager Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future of energy storage Greenfield or brownfield startup operation providing advanced energy storage solutions to the aerospace, defense, medical, and critical infrastructure markets
Cultivating Resilience A variety of interconnected trends and disruptors are shaping this recovery, including: - Connected/Connectivity Internet of Things (IoT) - Automation, smart tech and robotics - Shared product as service - Electric Electrification - Shifting employee and customer expectations - Blockchain - Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) - Green/sustainability - Big Data analytics Are you ready?
Space Rationalization The Economist - Shaky foundations: As offices remain empty, does a financial reckoning loom? June 5 2021 edition As organizations reasses real estate needs, we can help with facility consolidation and best practices Case study: Oil & Gas Footprint Rationalization -53% Square footage Reduced space requirements and executed 6 facility moves through implementation of Lean, 6S, Standard Work, Visual Factory, Optimized OEE, and other operational efficiencies
Hidden Warehouse Revealed hidden capacity in B2B warehouse for rapid B2C delivery Throughput up 593% from 3,500 packages per day to 24,270 per day with no additional labor Enhanced warehouse layout and processes for fast, cost-effective product delivery
Executive Opportunity Seeking S&OP Leader Opportunity: Associate Director, Sales & Operations Planning, Covance by Labcorp Build and implement a world-class Sales & Operations Planning process across the enterprise to improve customer satisfaction, profitability, inventory turns, lead times, quality and resource planning. [Covance by Labcorp logo appears on the bottom of the image]
Reveal & Maximize Buckle up... "The U.S. services index jumped to 63.1, up from 60.4 in March - the highest reading since data collection began in 2009, signaling the swiftest pace of expansion in at least 11 years." - The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Global Economy See Pickup as Services Revive and Factories Ramp Up, April 23, 2021. Time to choose: invest in increased capacity or unlock hidden potential
Executive Opportunities We're Growing and Seeking Top Talent Ready to exit the corporate world and explore consulting? We're seeking: Executive Leaders: Former CEOs and presidents Operational Leaders: Manufacturing, supply chain, and operations Sales Experts: Business development, sales training, and revenue growth Subject Matter Experts: Aerospace Fleet Management & MRO Medicare Advantage Plans
Gifts of Uncertainty Uncertianty: A Liberating Force Abandoning the illusion of certainty can usher in: - honest and productive conversations - compelling new voices and ideas - creative scenarios and solutions - fuller comprehension of complexity - clarity around strategic choices - preparation for disruptions - enhanced risk mitigation - opportunities for transformation - better outcomes
Seeking Acquisitions Actively Seeking Small A&D Acquisition Opportunities Wanted: Aircraft lighting, avionics, and cabin electronics providers with ISO9000/AS9100 and FAA certifications
Innovation for All Democratizing Innovation: Virtual Ideation Workshops Participants: Small, cross-functional groups Preparation: Participants primed with market trends, forecasts, and opportunities Content: Innovation and brainstorming exercises designed to elicit practical and impractical ideas Pace: Ample time for reflection, communication, and collaboration Output: Disilled, weighted, and priorities ideas for analysis and development
Sales Effectiveness Sales Gift #5: Securing Commitment An effective closing involves: - recap of needs and benefits - articulation of plan, investment, and timeframe - calculation of delay/inaction opportunity costs - risk identification and mitigation - pace and patience; no shortcuts - empathy for hesitancy and doubts - resolution of final concerns - relentless focus on the goal
Sales Effectiveness Sales Gift #4: Prove Your Mettle A clear, compelling value proposition starts with: - solutions effective in similar circumstances - case studies and examples of relevant work - subject matter experts with first-hand experience and insights - customized approach to addressing the need - client testimonials and endorsements - industry research and analysis
Sales Effectiveness Sales Gift #3: Qualify the Need - confirm urgency - define, articulate, and quantify - establish scope, size, and range - understand decision process and culture
Sales Effectiveness Sales Gift #2: Establish Credibility - arrive early and prepared - listen and question with empathy - be brief, direct, candid, and clear - handle objections with grace - know your limits - respect their schedule - prioritize the relationship
Sales Effectiveness Sales Gift #1: Start by Listening - stop pushing - respond to client needs - build the relationship - foster meaningful connection
Large table containing Supply Chain Best Practices by Function. To view contents, download the PDF (
Large table containing Supply Chain Best Practices: Global Features. To view contents, download the PDF (
Client Engagement Kormac change management cultivates and incorporates employee voices, votes, vision. Through group discussions, surveys, 1:1 conversations, anonymous feedback tools, frequent check-ins, exit interviews, and more
Orange County Chapter A & D Forum Private Equity Strategy for Navigating the A&D Market in 2021 Panel Recap [Photograph of airplane taking off] BOB Search Est. 1979 The Aerospace and defense executive search firm
Flexible Engagements Delighting Goldilocks Instead of too small, too big, too hot, or too cold, Kormac's approach is fully customized for every client. We work together to define the model, scope, timeframe, and team, so they're always JUST RIGHT. We can serve as: - Leaders and drivers of the change initiative - workstream leader within a client project - advisors or subject matter experts within a client team - interim executive leaders or resources to extend internal capabilities
Surgical Strike Results Our Surgical Strike Methodology™ empowers us to meet client needs with exceptional speed and precision. - 2x to 3x rapid revenue growth - 10% to 90% cost reduction - 2% to 15% margin improvement - 15% to 110% on-time delivery improvement - 35% to 85% OEE improvement - 25% to 60% space & labor rationalization
Kormac Connects Our Spirit of Service - We seek to genuinely help every executive we meet, not sell them - We offer no-obligation solutions and connections outside of our value chain Network Reach 30,000+ Business leaders, senior executives, and subject matter experts Impactful Executive Introductions - Prospective Customers - Prospective Suppliers - Prospective Partners - Prospective Acquisitions and Investors - Prospective Employers and Employees No fee or strings attached
Screenshot of large PDF with the title "Achieving Real Change with Virtual Teams: Checklist for Remote Consulting Engagement Success" - to view contents, download the PDF (
"The Kormac Group is a great value to start and accelerate the journey toward Operational Excellence. Their team provides practical, hands-on experience that quickly delivers results. I've worked with them on several transformational efforts, and they have always delivered. I'm highly impressed with the talent they have within the group." - Chuck Davison, COO, Oceaneering
B2B Sales New Rules (Same as the Old Rules) - know everything about your prospect before connecting - engage, listen, and address their needs - don't "sell" - add value with every touch - share articles, introductions, and meaningful solutions outside of your value chain - build trust by delivering as promised, every time New Approaches - virtual collaborations, including online meetings, webinars, roundtables, and educational opportunities - virtual happy hours and shared meals via delivery service - outdoor relationship building in socially distanced small groups (golf, hiking, biking, etc.)
Automation Acceleration The pandemic has drastically altered tech implementation timelines from just one year ago [contents of an inlaid graph start here] Timeline for acquiring new automation tech (2019); Survey of warehouse managers - 23% already have - 8% have, looking to upgrade - 10% within 12 months - 21% 1 to 3 years - 8% 3 to 5 years - 3% over 5 years - 26% not looking [end contents of inlaid graph] Rapid, results-driven implementation to lower costs, increase throughput, and deepened value chain insights
Client Testimonial "Kormac helped me establish an Operational Excellence department and organize a Project Management Office to oversee our Strategic Deployment Plan initiatives. Their guidance was the best money ever spent for consulting services. Kormac was top notch!" - Director, publicly traded offshore energy company
Best Practice Embrace "outsider voices" in development, testing, and deployment Strategic Planning 2023 Counter insider tunnel vision, assumptions, norms, and politics Amid uncertainty, ensure viability and profitability for sustainable competitive advantage
Surgical Strike™ Transformed B2B warehouse to support rapid B2C delivery Throughput rose 593% from 3,500 packages per day to 24,270 per day with no additional labor Enhanced warehouse layout and processes for fast, cost-effective product delivery
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