Choosing the Best Path Forward

Kormac Insights

August 19, 2022

Choosing the Best Path Forward
Evaluating Options for Underperforming Organizations

Inside most companies – no matter how successful – are underperforming units or subsidiaries. When ignored, these underperformers cost more than just money – they consume resources better invested elsewhere. For one recent automotive aftermarket client, Kormac analyzed an underperforming business unit contributing only 3% of company revenue. The unit lacked leadership and oversight, so Kormac analyzed its performance across critical dimensions, illuminated gaps, and identified the key drivers of profitability. Our “deep dive” into this neglected unit gave the company’s chief executives the actionable intelligence required to move forward with confidence.

Says the client’s COO, “The Kormac team was a pleasure to work with. Their ability to synthesize data, come to swift conclusions, and present findings in a straightforward manner enabled our company to take immediate action and drive bottom-line results.”