Global Packaging

Global Packaging

Kormac Insights

June 16, 2023

Global Packaging
Machine Shop Optimization

If your recycling bins are fuller than they used to be, you’re not alone. Macroeconomic and social trends are driving growth in the packaging sector, including enhanced sustainability expectations and increasing consumer reliance on e-commerce. Manufacturers of boxes, cans, pouches, plastic containers, tubes, cartridges, rolls, and more are grappling with the associated growing pains and supply challenges. We recently helped a global industry leader scale their production machine shops to meet consumer demand.

SITUATION: A global packaging manufacturer’s growth potential was limited by machine shop capacity. Demand for production machines had quadrupled in two years, and the shops were struggling to meet delivery deadlines. Post-pandemic conditions limited supply visibility and availability.

• Reviewed shop systems and processes; interviewed global stakeholders to identify issues and opportunities
• Improved Forecasting Process consistency to ensure appropriate lead times for critical components
• Identified machine categories appropriate for outsourcing without compromising intellectual property
• Provided interim leadership and Project Management tools; onboarded new Project Manager
• Developed effective communication systems to support shop sustainability and capacity for growth

RESULTS: In partnership with our client, Kormac delivered effective machine shop management tools and a comprehensive growth roadmap. To improve on-time delivery performance and growth capacity, we also enhanced shop forecasting, utilization, and communications.