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Lean Liberation
Lean as Resource Liberator

As manufacturers grapple with rising material and labor costs, we’re seeing renewed interest in Lean. Kormac has decades of experience in employing Lean/Six Sigma/Kaizen methodologies to boost quality, productivity, and speed while reducing cost, backlog, and facility floor space. We begin each Lean engagement by analyzing our client’s product line...

Global Manufacturing: Supplier Visibility and Planning
Reduced airfreight costs by 43% ($47 MM) with increased component visibility

Continuing our discussion of current supply shortages and bottlenecks, Kormac excels at helping clients cultivate supply visibility and reliability amidst challenging conditions. For example, a global manufacturer of vehicle seats sought to maintain 100% OTIF (On-Time and In-Full order fulfillment rate) but suffered from inadequate visibility to component suppliers’ capacity...

Surgical Strike™
Transformed B2B warehouse to support rapid B2C delivery

Pandemic retail disruptions have prompted many manufacturers to dramatically scale up direct-to-consumer sales. Kormac recently helped a consumer packaged goods manufacturer to transform its B2B logistics operations to support rapid, cost-effective B2C delivery. With our guidance, the client improved warehouse throughput from 3,500 packages per day to 24,270 per day...