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Global Packaging
Machine Shop Optimization

Kormac recently helped a global industry leader scale their production machine shops to meet consumer demand….

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Resource Utilization
Resource Whiplash: From Ferocious "Battle for Talent" to Hasty Job cuts

Got whiplash? We went from a ferocious “battle for talent” to talk of widespread job cuts in the span of just a few weeks. A recent CEO survey found that 80% of leaders are or will consider downsizing their employee base in the next 6 months. But before we resort...

Automotive Aftermarket
Maximizing Throughput and Flow

A leading automotive aftermarket manufacturer was facing large impending order volumes and turned to Kormac for help in improving throughput, quality, and facility flow. Together, we developed a future vision for one-piece flow through their entire operation. Because new equipment proved cost prohibitive, Kormac and the client team sought to...