Sales Effectiveness – Gift #1

Sales Effectiveness – Gift #1

Kormac Insights

December 8, 2020

Sales Effectiveness – Gift #1
Start by Listening

Sales is the watchword this winter. As companies strive to rebuild momentum, many executives are realizing that their sales teams consist of more “farmers” than “hunters.” Teams that performed well in a favorable market are now struggling to deliver fruitful new relationships. Therefore, we’re sharing some sales effectiveness tips as holiday gifts to our network:

Sales Gift 1: Start by Listening
Instead of the last step in the sales cycle, Relationship Building should be the first. Client needs, requirements, and insights must drive the entire sales and planning process. When Kormac “rides along” with sales teams, we frequently find them leading with product and price details before listening and establishing clarity around client needs. No amount of strong-arming or sophisticated sales tools will overcome a fundamental lack of connection.

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