Getting Warehouses into Shipshape

Getting Warehouses into Shipshape

Kormac Insights

February 27, 2023

Getting Warehouses into Shipshape
CNBC State of Freight: What the latest warehouse data is signaling about inflation and the economy

CNBC’s recent “State of Freight” updates reveal “High inventory levels are limiting [warehouse] capacity, and combined with less new square footage coming into the market due to higher interest rates, are keeping prices up even as the economy slows.” Kormac has sensed those headwinds as many manufacturing leaders have recently asked for our help with warehouse productivity.

We help clients optimize warehouses to meet demand without additional space or labor. Through enhanced layout and processes, Kormac helps organizations find trapped capacity within existing warehouse assets. We begin by rapidly analyzing each warehouse to identify, prioritize and capitalize upon operational, commercial and technological improvement opportunities, including:
• Sizing and Layout Optimization
• Product Flow / Conveyance Enhancement
• Automatic ID and Directional Control
• Inventory Management
• Real-Time Dashboard Design and Implementation
• Replenishment Logic
• Scheduling and Reporting
• Labor Allocation and Cross-Training
• Item Placement Optimization
• Barcode and RFID Implementation
• Load Optimization
• RMA, Salvage and Disposal
• Picking Logic
• Distrubution Network Implementation

To learn more about how Kormac helps clients liberate trapped warehouse capacity and optimize throughput, we invite you to view a few of our case studies: