Chemical Plant Manpower & Storage

Developed operational scenarios to guide transformation

A chemical producer of plasticizers required assessment of its manual packaging, order office, finished goods warehouse, and MRO warehouse operations.


  • Assessed each operation individually, then as a whole
  • Developed detailed scenarios and models to guide recommendations on combining, consolidating, and/or automating, including estimated costs and savings for each scenario
  • Collaborated with client staff to combine packaging operations, re-assign and reduce non-essential office activities and processes, improve warehouse layout, and move traditional end-of-day activities to start of day

Results: Achieved dramatic savings through reductions in manpower requirements and warehouse overtime, as well as optimization of off-site storage locations.

Kormac Results - Developed plant scenarios and models. combine, consolidate, or automate? - Reduced manpower requirements by 33% - Reduced warehouse overtime - Optimized use of off-site storage. CS237a