Interim Leadership

Interim Leadership

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December 22, 2022

Interim Leadership
Transforming a Plant as Interim GM

We all lose our heads sometimes, but it’s big trouble if a factory does. When a leading manufacturer of aerospace fabricated assemblies lost its facility general manager, executives knew it could take months to find a qualified replacement. Unfortunately, their 50,000-square-foot integrated contract manufacturing facility needed a leader immediately.

Kormac stepped in to help. We provided interim facility leadership for over 10 months, and we didn’t just “hold down the fort.” While on site, the Kormac interim GM helped the plant improve performance on several key dimensions:

• Installed biweekly, 18-month forecasting process to align capacity
• Reduced past-due backlog by over 75%
• Improved on-time delivery from 45% to > 80% despite significant supply chain constraints
• Enhanced pricing strategy to improve gross margin by over 50% with a 90+% win rate
• Improved employee engagement with an accountability-focused Management Operating System that included daily Gemba walks

If your company or facility ever finds itself “headless,” Kormac is here to help. We can provide interim leadership, support recruitment, and ensure a seamless transition to your new leader.