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The Caution Trap
KPMG Advises "Avoid Excessive Caution"

Excessive caution stifles innovation, hiders agility, and obscures promising investment opportunites….

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Interim Leadership
Transforming a Plant as Interim GM

We all lose our heads sometimes, but it’s big trouble if a factory does. When a leading manufacturer of aerospace fabricated assemblies lost its facility general manager, executives knew it could take months to find a qualified replacement. Unfortunately, their 50,000-square-foot integrated contract manufacturing facility needed a leader immediately. Kormac...

Kormac Connects
Our Spirit of Service

"It's not what you know, but who you know." We’ve all heard the old maxim, and executive connections are among The Kormac Group’s most meaningful gifts to the business world. Leading with our hearts, we seek to genuinely help every executive we meet, and we NEVER charge for introducing leaders...