Kormac Insights

August 3, 2023

Check your baggage

Travel season reminds us that it’s hard to get anywhere fast when you’re dragging a mountain of baggage. Companies that grow rapidly or by acquisition eventually reach a day of reckoning when they are forced to grapple with their disparate collection of facilities, manufacturing platforms, or product lines. Rationalizing this “baggage” can prove daunting – both logistically and politically – which is why many leaders turn to Kormac for support.

We have decades of experience in helping organizations to reassess, redesign, and rationalize operational and product portfolios. These initiatives often involve:
• Detailed scenario modeling, including costs and savings estimates for combining, redesigning, and/or automating facilities or operational platforms
• Improving freight and wage costs, lead time, and quality with location optimization
• Execution of operations, footprint, platform, and product consolidations
• Implementation of Lean, Standard Work, Visual Factory, optimized OEE, and other operational efficiencies
• Standardization of operating procedures and design philosophies
• Enhancement of work and facility layouts
• Strategic production and sourcing make/buy decisions

If consolidations are looming on your horizon, Kormac can help. We are well-suited to support portfolio transitions, whether they are greenfield or brownfield, domestic or international. Ultimately, we ensure that your right-sized operations are “baggage free,” sustainable, and structured for continuous improvement.