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2024 Maze
Feeling a little lost in 2024?

While 2023’s anticipated recession never arrived, geopolitical uncertainty poses continued challenges to forecasting, planning, and execution….

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Check your baggage

Companies that grow rapidly or by acquisition eventually reach a day of reckoning when they are forced to grapple with their disparate collection of facilities, manufacturing platforms, or product lines….

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Lean Liberation
Lean as Resource Liberator

As manufacturers grapple with rising material and labor costs, we’re seeing renewed interest in Lean. Kormac has decades of experience in employing Lean/Six Sigma/Kaizen methodologies to boost quality, productivity, and speed while reducing cost, backlog, and facility floor space. We begin each Lean engagement by analyzing our client’s product line...

Space Rationalization
Facility Consolidation Best Practices

“As companies try to tempt workers back to the office … a huge uncertainty hangs over them: will enough people come? Even as vaccinations progress, workers have been slow to return. In early May only one in 20 buildings in America had occupancy levels above 10%.” – The Economist, June...

Surgical Strike Results

Sur·gi·cal [/ˈsərjək(ə)l/] adj. – characterized by extreme precision or incisiveness. Kormac’s laser-focused Surgical Strikes target specific client needs and deliver accelerated results. Clients are consistently impressed by the speed and scale of results achieved by our small teams of experts that do more with less. For detailed case studies describing...