Kormac vs. Karmic

Kormac Insights

February 16, 2024

Kormac vs. Karmic
Kormac Is Who We Are

Kormac is who we are; Karmic is how we work.

Read these words from our CEO Stan Gwizdak:

My heart is full this Valentine’s Day. Karmic Selling’s global popularity exceeded all my expectations, so this is the last time I’ll post about the book. After all, it was never about a book: Kormac is who we are. Karmic is just how we work, how we serve our client partners, and how we treat others along the way. Now it’s a piece of our story as we engage with teams to support performance and profitability improvements. It’s our heartfelt promise: we will serve you and your organization with clean hearts, kindness, and authenticity.

Now on to the next chapter! Let’s write it together.

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