Aerospace Inventory Reduction

Achieved elusive inventory management target

An aerospace company struggled to reduce inventory and had not hit its corporate inventory target in 7 years. A new leader brought us in to drive the transformation required to achieve consistent inventory.


  • Reviewed internal systems and processes
  • Discovered major gaps between existing inventory management activity and global best practices
  • Established teams and conducted Kaizen events across 3 major sites
  • Implemented Results Driven Management process
  • Established effective inventory tools and techniques
  • Co-led supply chain organization while driving necessary changes in the organization

Results: Reduced inventory to within targeted areas in 4 months while also developing longer-term actions and activities to hit desired targeted inventory levels. At year end, our client finally beat its inventory target.

Kormac Results - Implemented global best practices for inventory management teams, tools, and techniques - Achieved corporate inventory target for the first time in 10 years. CS240