Automotive Components OEE

Exceeded target OEE and reduced overtime by 57%

A high-speed automotive stamping operation wanted to increase OEE from the mid-50s to 75+.


  • Defined and categorized OEE factors by operations and maintenance influence
  • Implemented Results Driven Management (RDM) control system of metrics, reviews, corrective actions and continuous improvement into client operations and die maintenance shop
  • Implemented changeover best practices to reduce changeover and start-up time
  • Enhanced production planning and scheduling processes as well as new-hire skills training
  • Redesigned facility layout for maximum flow and throughput

Results: Achieved 75+ weekly average OEE, reducing OT from 35% to 15% and saving $360K. OEE continued to rise long after engagement conclusion.

Kormac Results - Increased OEE from mid-50s to 75+ Results driven management - Reduced overtime by 57% Saved $360k+ - Reduced shipping costs by $300k no rush fees - Improved employee satisfaction, no weekend OT