Automotive Cost Capture

Designed rapid cost management system for 2,000+ SKUs

An automotive and capital equipment manufacturer needed to swiftly capture direct product costs for 2,000+ SKUs to remain competitive. Complicating the situation, any cost system had to be compatible with a planned ERP implementation scheduled for 12 months hence.


  • Designed, documented, and installed cost collecting system to capture direct labor and material costs, including the allocation of indirect and support labor
  • Trained SME on managing and troubleshooting the system
  • Provided guidelines for transferring historical data to future ERP system

Results: Delivered a proven, tested cost collection system for enhancing competitive position while awaiting ERP installation and operability.

Kormac Results - Enhanced competitive position with proven cost collection system for 2000+ SKUs - Prepared costing data for eventual transfer to planned ERP system. CS249