Foundry Maintenance

Established KPIs and sustainable maintenance system

A leading supplier of metal components to the mining industry was struggling with manufacturing variability in its foundries. The president turned to Kormac for help in improving operational stability and predictability, including maintenance, operations, and employee performance.


  • Established KPIs to measure and manage performance
  • Developed a sustainable maintenance system and Daily Operating Report for managers, providing visibility into preventive maintenance attainment and productivity
  • Enhanced data collection and analysis to improve preventive maintenance and minimize breakdowns
  • Reduced downtime and scrutinized work that exceeded defined thresholds and tolerances
  • Created Skills Flexibility Charts by area to identify individual and group cross-training opportunities

Results: Developed robust scheduling processes and reporting. Built a system and approach to manage all maintenance activities and hold the maintenance team accountable for results.

Kormac Results Delivered plan to support: - 390% growth in machine builds from 23 builds in 2023 to forecase of 113 in 2023 - Supplier and parts availability - Forecasting process consistency - Communications and transparency