Machine Shop Optimization

Reduced complexity; optimized cost and agility

A global packaging manufacturer’s growth potential was limited by machine shop capacity. Demand for production machines had quadrupled in two years, and the shops were struggling to meet delivery deadlines. Post-pandemic conditions limited supply visibility and availability.


  • Reviewed shop systems and processes; interviewed global stakeholders to identify issues and opportunities
  • Improved Forecasting Process consistency to ensure appropriate lead times for critical components
  • Identified machine categories appropriate for outsourcing without compromising intellectual property
  • Provided interim leadership and Project Management tools; onboarded new Project Manager
  • Developed effective communication systems to support shop sustainability and capacity for growth

Results: Delivered effective machine shop management tools and a comprehensive growth roadmap. Enhanced shop forecasting, utilization, and communications.

Kormac Results Delivered plan to support: - 390% growth in machine builds from 23 builds in 2023 to forecase of 113 in 2023 - Supplier and parts availability - Forecasting process consistency - Communications and transparency