Medical Device Supply Chain

Reduced complexity; optimized cost and agility

A leading multinational medical device manufacturer was struggling with supply chain (SC) complexity. Their build-to-order SC process optimized part and component costs, but did so at the expense of lead times, agility to market, inventory levels, risks, procurement serviceability and total SC costs.


  • Assessed current state of sourcing to delivery of finished goods
  • Developed a comprehensive plan to address $11.1 MM+ overage in raw material components and $5.6 MM+ overage in finished goods inventory, most a year+ old
  • Designed robust, effective SIOP and Sourcing Strategy processes, behaviors and metrics to minimize total supply chain costs and increase manufacturing agility

Results: Armed our client with a comprehensive plan to achieve greater supply chain efficacy and competitiveness.

Kormac Results Developed plan to address: - $11.1MM+ overage in raw material parts and components - $5.6MM+ overage in finished goods inventory, most over a year old - Total supply chain costs and agility optimization CS257