Oil & Gas ERP and Facility Growth

Planned ERP rollout; redesigned facility for rapid growth

An Oil & Gas services company needed to validate and schedule an ERP system implementation. In addition, it needed to evaluate the ability of a new manufacturing facility to handle projected growth of 400% over 5 years.


  • Provided analysis and project plan for ERP system implementation, including details for each functional area and associated ERP module
  • Delivered detailed implementation Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), required process changes, and estimated costs
  • Redesigned manufacturing facility with Lean principles to prepare for projected growth

Results: Delivered detailed ERP system project plan for internal implementation. Factory redesign immediately improved capability to support growth, reduced floor space requirements, and improved touch labor, production flow, throughput, and quality.

Kormac Results - Delivered detailed ERP plan for internal implementation - Redesigned facility to support >300% growth - Reduced floor space requirements by >50%, lean principles layout - Reduced touch labor by 33%. CS243