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SIOP Transformation
Delivering life-saving safety equipment

A leading manufacturer of industrial safety equipment turned to Kormac for assistance in improving forecast accuracy, demand/supply alignment, inventory turns, and product delivery performance….

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The Caution Trap
KPMG Advises "Avoid Excessive Caution"

Excessive caution stifles innovation, hiders agility, and obscures promising investment opportunites….

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Supply / Demand Planning
SIOP: Advanced Planning Delivers Agility and Responsiveness

Is your organization suffering from SIOP myopia? In our client assessments, we find that 90% of supply/demand discussion focuses on the near-term, neglecting longer term risks and opportunities. Optimized SIOP extends the horizon of forecast accuracy to increase agility and avoid looming constraints. Kormac’s supply chain convergence approach powers an...

Sales Effectiveness – Gift #5
Securing Commitment

Fifth in our series of sales effectiveness tips is Securing Commitment. After demonstrating value comes earning the client's wholehearted commitment. Why wholehearted? Because lasting success requires their engagement and advocacy, especially if their decision may face internal resistance. Related Insights Sales Gift #1 Sales Gift #3 Sales Gift #2 Sales...