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State of Healthcare
2024 Panel Hosted by Management Consulted

Insights from Kormac’s resident MedTech Quality, Regulatory, & Compliance expert and four other healthcare consulting thought leaders….

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Surgical Strike Results

Sur·gi·cal [/ˈsərjək(ə)l/] adj. – characterized by extreme precision or incisiveness. Kormac’s laser-focused Surgical Strikes target specific client needs and deliver accelerated results. Clients are consistently impressed by the speed and scale of results achieved by our small teams of experts that do more with less. For detailed case studies describing...

Kormac Connects
Our Spirit of Service

"It's not what you know, but who you know." We’ve all heard the old maxim, and executive connections are among The Kormac Group’s most meaningful gifts to the business world. Leading with our hearts, we seek to genuinely help every executive we meet, and we NEVER charge for introducing leaders...