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2024 Maze
Feeling a little lost in 2024?

While 2023’s anticipated recession never arrived, geopolitical uncertainty poses continued challenges to forecasting, planning, and execution….

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Recession Resilience
Fortifying for an Uncertain Future

The R-word is everywhere, and advisors are touting tips to make businesses “recession proof.” Unfortunately, that concept is more myth than reality. Instead, our objective – in good times and bad – is to cultivate resilience. A “recession resilient” business has implemented comprehensive sales, inventory, and operations planning (SIOP) to...

Cost Management
Rebalancing the margin tug-of-war

As the labor and supply cost rollercoaster continues, we are working with several clients to identify new management levers. Among them: Increasing the frequency of cost reviews to ensure faster customer price adjustments and/or tying customer pricing to component market indices Executing Value Analysis and Value Engineering efforts to drive...

Leadership Opportunity
Seeking 'Gigafactory' Plant Manager

Kormac is assisting a client partner in identifying exceptional candidates to serve as Plant Manager of an innovative new battery ‘gigafactory.’ This role offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a fast-growing company that is shaping the future of advanced energy storage. The factory will be a greenfield or brownfield startup...

Cultivating Resilience
A variety of Interconnected trends and disruptors are shaping this recovery

While some aspects of life and work are returning to the “new normal,” others are more disorienting than ever. Kormac is helping organizations cultivate resilience, foster innovation, and identify new talent to face the continued onslaught of complex disruptors. If you feel flat-footed when you ponder some of the trends...

Gifts of Uncertainty
Uncertainty: A Liberating Force

Remember when the status quo was good enough and straight-line forecasts proved accurate? Neither do we. While our current moment feels more uncertain – with our business, political, and cultural worlds in flux – it was always uncertain. But uncertainty need not be paralyzing, especially given the opportunities to embrace...

Automation Acceleration
The pandemic has dramatically altered tech implementation timelines from just one year ago

COVID-19 laid bare systemic weaknesses around the world, especially in functions and processes requiring physical proximity. Given this tragic catalyst, Kormac is witnessing and supporting dramatic accelerations in automation and technology adoption. Artificial intelligence, robotics, big data analytics, and IoT (Internet of Things) are among the powerful tools available to...