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2024 Maze
Feeling a little lost in 2024?

While 2023’s anticipated recession never arrived, geopolitical uncertainty poses continued challenges to forecasting, planning, and execution….

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The Caution Trap
KPMG Advises "Avoid Excessive Caution"

Excessive caution stifles innovation, hiders agility, and obscures promising investment opportunites….

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Gifts of Uncertainty
Uncertainty: A Liberating Force

Remember when the status quo was good enough and straight-line forecasts proved accurate? Neither do we. While our current moment feels more uncertain – with our business, political, and cultural worlds in flux – it was always uncertain. But uncertainty need not be paralyzing, especially given the opportunities to embrace...

Best Practice
Embrace "outsider voices"

Regardless of how well your organization planned for 2020, this year’s surprises demanded constant recalibration and innovation. As we approach the Fall planning season, continued uncertainty demands a robust process to shape 2021 strategic direction and objectives. Engaging “outsider voices” in your plan development will help your executive team avoid...