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State of Healthcare
2024 Panel Hosted by Management Consulted

Insights from Kormac’s resident MedTech Quality, Regulatory, & Compliance expert and four other healthcare consulting thought leaders….

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Collaborative Culture
Life's too short for toxicity.

No one wants to work with jerks. Unfortunately, some industries are rife with them, and consulting tops the list. Kormac’s founders previously served at several firms with abusive colleagues and/or leaders. They decided life was too short for toxicity and committed to creating the kind of heart-led organization they always...

Recession Resilience
Fortifying for an Uncertain Future

The R-word is everywhere, and advisors are touting tips to make businesses “recession proof.” Unfortunately, that concept is more myth than reality. Instead, our objective – in good times and bad – is to cultivate resilience. A “recession resilient” business has implemented comprehensive sales, inventory, and operations planning (SIOP) to...

Executive Opportunities
We're Growing & Seeking Top Talent

Can you feel the economy kicking into high gear? We can. Consulting has long proven a bellwether, and Kormac is seeing an unprecedented level of new initiatives. Accordingly, we’re hiring! After an intense year, we know some executives are ready to step off the corporate track. Consulting with Kormac offers...

Flexible Engagements
Delighting Goldilocks

The Kormac Group meets clients at their point of need with a fully customized engagement approach, project scope, and elite team. We have no minimum or maximum engagement size, so we can engage to address any client requirement. We can serve as: Leaders and drivers of the change initiative Member...

Surgical Strike Results

Sur·gi·cal [/ˈsərjək(ə)l/] adj. – characterized by extreme precision or incisiveness. Kormac’s laser-focused Surgical Strikes target specific client needs and deliver accelerated results. Clients are consistently impressed by the speed and scale of results achieved by our small teams of experts that do more with less. For detailed case studies describing...

Achieving Real Change with Virtual Teams
Checklist for Remote Consulting Engagement Success

Remote work is common now, but transforming organizations from afar remains a challenge. To help executives struggling within the current constraints, Kormac has composed a checklist for remote engagement success based on our collective experience. We hope these tips for “Achieving Real Change with Virtual Teams” support you in achieving...

Automation Acceleration
The pandemic has dramatically altered tech implementation timelines from just one year ago

COVID-19 laid bare systemic weaknesses around the world, especially in functions and processes requiring physical proximity. Given this tragic catalyst, Kormac is witnessing and supporting dramatic accelerations in automation and technology adoption. Artificial intelligence, robotics, big data analytics, and IoT (Internet of Things) are among the powerful tools available to...

Client Testimonial
from the director of a publicly traded offshore energy company

Affordable consulting?! According to one of our current clients, Kormac is “the best money ever spent for consulting services.” Our laser-focused Surgical Strike Methodology™ empowers us to meet targeted client needs at a lower investment point, ensuring client ROI of 3:1 to 9:1. Our smaller teams of highly qualified consultants...