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Inventory Insights
Actionable Insights for Inventory Reduction

A global manufacturer engaged Kormac for assistance in achieving sustainable inventory management. Our analysis and collaboration contributed to a $20 million (10%) reduction in inventory in the first year….

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Manufacturing Inventory Reduction
Achieved Elusive Inventory Management Target

To improve cash flow while mitigating risk, many companies are reevaluating their approach to inventory management. Excess materials and persistent shortages remain despite the overall recovery from pandemic constraints. When times were tough, gaps in inventory management discipline magnified the impact of constrained supply chains. As conditions improve, discipline gaps still leave...

Delivering Delight
Good People Doing Good Work

Leaders engage consultants for countless reasons, but how often do they actually enjoy the collaboration? We frequently hear stories of client trauma inflicted by consultancies that left behind unresolved problems or cultural damage. Why? Too many consultants prioritize their own business needs over their clients’. Inverting that myopic approach, Kormac’s...

Client Engagement
Employee voices, votes, vision

Akin to the U.S. election underway, organizations must embrace constituent voices and vision during their own inflection points. Kormac understands change management, and we know that sustainable change requires employee ownership and participation. Our collaborative model involves early employee engagement, frequent check-ins, and close collaboration for final project design and...